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Where are your photos?

Chances are - your photos are out of sight and out of mind in a box, on your phone, or the computer.

It can be overwhelming thinking about how to keep track of them and save your memories.

If this is your situation, you need to get started on your scrapbook and photo book.

Tell your family's stories through a custom keepsake.

It is all about making sure all of those photos you take are put to good use and kept for your loves ones to enjoy.

One of a kind designed

These albums are digitally designed using your photos.  They have lay flat pages and hard image wrapped covers.

Photo Book  vs.  Scrapbook

The main difference between a scrapbook and a photo book is content.

Photo books tell your story using only photos

Scrapbooks tell your story using your photos, memorabilia, and journaling

Journaling is text added to your album that captures the key details:

- Date, time, location, who is in the picture -

- Funny stories and important information during the time it was taken -

When people view your scrapbook they will not have questions

because the journaling will make them feel like they were right there.

Here is a Photo Book spread

Here are two Scrapbook spreads

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