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Art Albums

Every child is an artist!  Children create tons of art works throughout the year at school and at home.

Most of these miniature Picasso pieces are stored in a draw, on the fridge, or sadly tossed away.

Why not keep them!

I will design art albums for your children using their art.

Create a collection of them!

Having art albums allows kids to admire what they accomplished

while you see the diversity and progression in their art skills throughout the years.

These albums are printed on hard image wrapped albums with lay flat pages.

Text can be added to the pages to tell the story behind the artist and what the piece is about.


After your FREE consultation the process of designing is the same as photobooks!

What if the art work is dimensional?

There is no issue!  Pictures of the art work will capture the fine details needed for your album.

How many pieces of art?

Please include at least 5 pieces of art to have an album designed.  The maximum amount of pieces is 100.

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