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Inside of Faithbooks

Faithbook pages tell stories where your faith was a major part of that captured moment!  Sometimes they are exciting moments such as a Christening and other times they are pages of grace and mercy that were shown through an event.

This is a faithbook for little Kadence!

It is a photo book filled with pictures of her Christening.  

Here are a few faithbook pages of my family:

Iron Pill Scare 

This had to be one of the scariest moments in my life.  Yet I seem to have been together enough to get pictures huh!   I typically check on my children around 4am before I go to work.  Well this particular night I went to check on Eden and I noticed the iron pills bottle was empty.  A bottle of 72 pills GONE!  I almost screamed.  I woke up my husband and we woke up Eden.  She complained about her stomach.  We ended up at Children's Medical Center for the day.  I was so scared.    


This page signifies the blessing God gave us that day.  His mercy.  His grace.  We were able to push through this horrible time and Eden was fine by the end of the day.

Eden's Christening

My second child, my oldest daughter, was christened!  This scrapbook page documents this very special moment.  Many family members shared this with us.  Her God parents were honored at the ceremony.  I still have her Christening certificate and gown!

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