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Left Hand - Right Brain



VERY little SLEEP!

My name of course is Kelly and I am left handed!  OH but it matters...

I contribute a bit of my creative spirit to being a lefty.  I love everything 

about design - from colors, to patterns, down to the process of creating. 

My greatest creations are my children!  I am the M.O.M (mother of multiples)

of three with one fur pup poodle.  This means that I wear many hats: mom,

chauffeur, cook, wife, and sanitation engineer to name a few. My husband

is truly my best friend and the greatest gift I ever received from God.  

He supports my ways of right brain thinking and he also makes me

laugh every day and that means the world to me!

Now about that passion and very little sleep...

By day I work a full time 10 hour job starting my day at 3am.

By night I work on memory keeping!  Yea, I still find time for

Kelly Keepsakes after work - after the family is fed - after the kids are sleep

- talk about PASSION lol.  I pretty much live off of 3-5 hours of sleep daily,

BUT I love what I do.  

I love what I create and I am most thankful that you are interested in it!

Personal Thrive:  Have fun with life and keep a record of it.

But enough about me,

Let’s talk about you.

Whether you have a ton of pictures from years of fun times or just a few from a special event, you need to make sure those memories stay alive.

Keep those photos and stories organized

in a Kelly Keepsake.

Let me take care of designing your keepsakes so you can focus on

enjoying your moments again and again.

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