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About Kelly Keepsakes!

I originally began Kelly Keepsakes back in 2006 centered solely on custom traditional paper scrapbooks.  Since then the company has evolved into the digital age we are all in.  The company now offers its clients digital art that can be printed and shared just about 50 million times. The goal is to create designs filled with creativity and style that will last generations.  My primary works are centered on custom albums.  It is a hobby of mine that just took over! 

Rise Above the Cloud - Problem Solving!

Many of us today just posts our photos online and save them to the cloud, but what happens when years pass or our social accounts are closed?  Do our memories get lost as well?  The answer is 'YES' if you do not capture these moments and make them tangible items to enjoy with your loved ones.  My dream is to provide people with ways to keep their memories in creative ways through keepsake albums.  

Imagine the Future

Imagine your great niece asking about your wedding photos or pictures of her dad when he was a kid.  Are you really going to pull up your Facebook account and scroll through your feed?  Maybe you will pull out your hard drive and search through thousands of photos taken through the years! Both of those scenarios will be your future without keepsake albums.

Now imagine sitting on your couch with a beautiful album of your wedding and a photo book of Christmas 2008. You and your niece will have a blast flipping through the pages and enjoying the memories and if you decided to add journaling to your keepsakes she can read how you felt about that particular memory!

Value of Tangible Memories

Having a tangible keepsake adds value to your memories.  An album adds to your experience when reflecting on good times shared with loved ones.  The feeling of flipping through the pages of your keepsake with those in the album and those who want to know your stories is a great feeling.  You have a chance to relive your memories together!  You cannot capture this feeling scrolling through a screen.


Kelly Keepsakes Motto:

At Kelly Keepsakes, photos tell a story and your experiences come to life as your fondest memories stay alive through keepsakes.  Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but Kelly Keepsakes speak for themselves!

Preserve your memories today!!!

“A picture is worth a

thousand words but

Kelly Keepsakes

speak for themselves.”

- Kelly, Designer

   Kelly Keepsakes

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