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Why Hire Me?

My Passion

I am so vested in making sure your keepsakes are worthy of the coffee table!  I am passionate about saving life long memories from being mere online posts or data on your phones and computers.  I aim to make sure your memories are tangible keepsakes for generations to enjoy.  My goal is to make sure you, your loved ones, and especially those to come (children and grandchildren) are able to see your keepsakes and really receive your story.  I am here to preserve your memories!

My niche and what sets my albums apart:


The Experience

  • I am a service provider.  Unlike commercial photo book companies, I offer custom design services to my clients in addition to keepsakes.  The purpose of my process is to make everything easy on clients.  You will not have to weed through hundreds of photos and design the album on your own.  I do all the work for you!

  • My clients are not just an order number.  Many of my clients form a professional relationship with me because I am here and available for them to speak to.  I work with each of my clients as closely as they need me to.  Some are fine with email communication, while others prefer to call or even meet me in person.  I am available!


Your Keepsakes

  • I offer more cover options than the typical online publisher.  My options are very detailed unlike the average leather and image wrapped albums.   Specifically, my wedding albums have various cover options offered with a range of colors.  My favs are Bling, Lace, and Croc!

  • The industry standard photo books have a magazine style made with a gutter.  In their albums some of the image is lost in the crease of this gutter.  However, all of my albums are printed with quality lay flat paper finishes as a standard instead of an upgrade.  My albums offer a panoramic view of your spread without a gutter or gap between pages.  These spreads are seamless!

  • I am able to print 10 paged lay flat and flush mount albums to those who are interested in thinner albums.  Many other designers force clients to purchase a 20 page album which drives prices higher.


My Designs

  • My designs have a range of classic, designer, and pocket.

    • Classic - the common look of many albums; simple background and picture placement

    • Designer - detailed backgrounds and elements added to the design; layered style; digital scrapbooking style

    • Pocket - a great blend of classic and designer in the style of rectangle and square pockets instead of the typical collage; more of an artsy feel that is modern and very popular in the photo book design and scrapbooking industries.


The key difference that sets me apart is that I tell the story behind the photos.  Telling the story is an element in my service that places me in a more personable spot for clients.  I get to know them and I tell their stories for generations to admire.  As a provider of this service I take my role to heart and I pore that into the pages of your family heirlooms.


Check out the buzz from my previous clients and see what they had to say about working with me!

To move forward with your keepsake book a consultation online.

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